The Nightmare Before Christmas: Hornblasters Nightmare


Do you love the Nightmare Before Christmas like we do? Well, we thought it would be cool to create our very own version of the movie with all your favorite MeUndies characters. With Jack Skellington as Santa Claus.

The Christmas Tree as Charlie Brown, Sally as Lucy and even a cameo by Randall Skellington. This 3 minute short film was so much fun to make! Don’t be surprised if you get hooked and watch it over and over again…don’t say we didn’t warn you 😉 Watch here!

Jack Skellington

Hornblasters is no stranger to the air horn world. However, they’re stepping up their game with their new edition of the Nightmare Before Christmas train horn kit.

This awesome kit includes a stealth black air compressor, image for extra impact, sign up and save, onboard air system, add shocker xl horn, digital air pressure gauge, speculation map, conductor’s special product listing and much more!

For those who have been wondering about the release date for this kit? Keep your eyes peeled because it’s coming in October 2017! Don’t forget to sign up with them to get notifications on when it goes live as well as other exclusive offers or discounts!


I just received my new horn for my car today and I am so excited to try it out! It’s a conductor’s special from horn blasters.

Which is the perfect addition to any car. I’m looking forward to getting some peace and quiet when driving on the highway.

All of the honking, but there are other great features that this specific horn has. Included with the purchase is a sign up for your mailing list with discounts or exclusive offers.

As well as a 150 psi air tank. The shocker xl train horns have been tested by hhn nightmares twitter many people and they have been proven to work better than other horns of its kind.

 Some drivers prefer to be different and rather than just a blast of sound, they might want to add their own spin to things.

That in mind, horn blasters has over delete 15 different sounds that you can switch between with a simple touch of a button on your steering wheel.

For example, I really enjoy using the wail of a rooster as I drive by because it is adorable and unexpected.

The low tone is perfect for use as an single tank spare tire delete bracket when I’m on a narrow road or highway where it could be dangerous if drivers don’t pay attention.

Santa Claus

We know that Santa Claus has been on a nightmare and needs to get back in time for Christmas.

This year, Santa is asking you to help him out by sending him some gifts, starting with a conductor s special horn.

In addition, we are releasing a new edition of our hornblasters conductor s special horn that includes an image of the Nightmare before Christmas train.

The Facebook and Twitter pages will be updated with all the latest information about how you can entice customers to sign up for your product or service.

 So, if you want to make sure that Santa makes it back in time for Christmas, then why not get on board and join him by giving your customers a chance to win some great prizes.

Furthermore, we are working hard to make sure that everyone who has already purchased. One of our conductor s special horns will also receive a free train as soon as Santa gets home.

As an added incentive, we are also offering a 30% discount on all new horns purchased. During December so anyone wanting to get their hands on one of these great limited edition products.

Can do so at what is guaranteed to be an unbelievable price. Bugs Bunny – Second Paragraph: Finally, we have some big news about Bugs Bunny that you might find interesting.

Oogie Boogie

In the town of Halloween, every house was decked out for a party. They were all in their costumes, and some of them had masks on.

Then there was a sound from outside. It sounded like someone was blowing their horns wildly. Some people looked out the window to see what it was.

That’s when they saw heaps of cars with people honking their horns, and some even had train horn kits which sounded more like an air raid siren than anything else.

The sounds got louder and louder as the cars neared the houses. Suddenly there was a loud crash as one of the cars slammed into one of the houses and knocked it down!

 Scared, people jumped back as they heard a voice outside. It was then that Jack Skellington stepped out and said, Merry Christmas! He didn’t know why the townspeople seemed so scared.


He just wanted to say hello to everyone who would be visiting him later at his castle for his annual Halloween celebration, but instead he had crashed through someone’s home.

I’m sorry about that, Jack apologized nervously, but I have presents for you under my sleigh.

Trying to make up for this incident, Jack went around handing out candy canes until no one seemed upset anymore (and maybe a few kids liked getting treats from Santa Claus).

The party finally started and all the guests seemed happy now that Jack was with them again.

Dr. Finklestein – the Nightmare Before Christmas

This nightmare before Christmas, Dr. Finklestein has created the horn blast of nightmares. The HornBlasters Kit contains a train horn kit, honk time and a shocker xl6 horn. This will scare any unsuspecting guest on your property this holiday season!

 While getting a shocker xl6 horn is an excellent idea, you may want to consider a hornblasters nightmare edition train horn kit.

It contains all of your favorite horns (train horn for 99 GMC & Ram models). And if that isn’t enough it also comes with honk time!

Now get ready to ring in Halloween early with your favorite horror characters and sounds. Shocker XL6 – Third Paragraph: A Shocker XL6 will produce amazing sound.

The shrill noise coming out of a Shocker can be heard from miles away! Of course, what good is having one of these amazing devices if you do not know how to use it?


This is the story of the big, bad wolf that terrorized a small town on Halloween. When he was finally caught and locked in a cage, the townspeople thought they had it all under control.

They were wrong… The Mayor of the small town is just as surprised when she walks into her office to see a giant horn sitting on her desk.

It’s an official notice from HornBlasters informing her that their truck has broken down on the outskirts of town and will need to stay for repairs until further notice.

There are no other horns available in any other size or pitch (including their new shocker xl 6 horn) so she’ll have to settle for this one.

Lock Shock and Barrel – the Nightmare Before Christmas

Three spirits who are dead and don’t know they’re dead come to haunt the town of Halloweenville. According to the opening line in Tim Burton’s stop-motion animated movie, The Nightmare Before Christmas.

The three ghosts – Lock Shock and Barrel – are the most recognizable from this story. They dress in all black, their heads covered with hoods and their faces hidden behind skull masks.

They wear cloaks with deep hoods that cover them from head to toe, which gives them a look of mystery. Lock Shock and Barrel also have a sense of humor about themselves; for example, at one point when they are trying to scare Sally (a little girl). They say Boo! only to get her giggling instead.

Child Catcher

In this game the catchers are trying to collect as many children as possible. The catch that the children have horns on their heads. Will blow them when they caught.

Alerting any other children in the vicinity that a child catcher is in the area. The catchers have three chances to catch each child before it blows its horn.

If a child escapes or if time runs out, the catchers lose points for each of those occurrences. Players can win by catching all of the other players’ children and blowing their own horn at least once.

March Hare & Mad Hatter – the Nightmare Before Christmas

It was a dark and stormy night in the Kingdom of Narnia. The March Hare, who is the Mayor of Underland, was reading a newspaper in his room when he heard a knock at his door.

The Mad Hatter had come to call on him for he had an urgent matter to discuss with him. Hare, said the Hatter, I have just this moment returned from my journey abroad.

What may it be that has brought you back so soon? inquired the Hare, as they both sat down together in front of a blazing fire. It’s about this awful crime! exclaimed the Hatter, scratching his head.