SV Health Investors: Curana Health,GRJ Health in $100M Round


The SV Health Investors, Inc., is a San Francisco-based venture capital fund backed by Silicon Valley bigwigs. Has invested $25 million in Curana Health and $25 million in GRJ Health as part of their first-ever round of funding in the health sector.

The companies had previously raised $50 million combined in their respective A rounds led by existing investors High-Tech Gruenderfonds (HTGF) and Deutsche Hochschule fuer Klinische Forschung (DHfK).

HTGF, which has been backing Curana since 2012, also contributed to the new investment round.

Why startups use investor pitch decks

One of the most important tools for a startup founder is the investor pitch deck. This is not to be mistaken with the business plan that formally outlines your company’s goals.

The investor pitch deck is an elevator pitch, usually short and snappy enough to tell an idea in about ten seconds to someone with no prior knowledge of your project.

In other words, it’s a condensed story about what you’re building that has a narrative arc explaining why people should care.

In essence, it’s a PowerPoint presentation that conveys why you need funding and what you’ll do with it once you get it.

What are startup pitch decks?

A startup pitch deck a presentation used to share with potential investors. The story of a new idea and convince them that it’s worth investing their money in.

It meant to be persuasive and persuasive by highlighting key points. How the company plans to make money.

Pitch decks should keep their length at 20 slides for maximum efficiency. In order for the deck to have any impact.

An entrepreneur needs to have intimate knowledge of every slide and be able to use them effectively when presenting.

How to write a pitch deck – sv health investors

As healthcare becomes more complicated and tough to navigate, senior living communities are increasing their focus on keeping their residents healthy.

After investing in population health and care provider health services. Curana Health positioned to help both skilled nursing facilities.

Senior living communities get smarter about how they allocate resources. Meanwhile, Grj has aligned with 1040 small.

Family-owned senior living communities across the country share the goal of providing high-quality care to residents.

Tips for presenting your idea

People who need nursing care have a variety of needs. There are people who need some help with the activities of daily living like dressing and bathing, or they might need short-term help recovering from surgery or injury.

And there are also people who need to live in an assisted living community because they cannot safely live alone. Learn how to take your health outcomes idea from conception to execution in 1,000 senior living communities.

Below is a step-by-step guide: Research potential markets for your product. Create a business plan to formalize your idea and set clear goals for yourself and the company’s objectives.

Try starting out by talking with as many customers as possible about what they want from you and gathering feedback from them on their hospital admissions thoughts about the product or service that you’re offering.

The best reasons to fund startups – sv health investors

Mark Price has led a team that is medicare and Medicaid committed to living communities including skilled nursing facilities and primary care health services.

His vision for senior living community partners is to provide 1000 quality senior living communities for seniors in need.

The goal of his senior living communities including the organization is to provide family-oriented housing so that families can spend time with their elders and help them thrive during the later stages of life.

The most important points to emphasize when raising money

Curana and Grj are two patient care provider health startups that SV backed this week. The total raised was a staggering $100 million and both these companies have amazing founders on their missions to improve the health and happiness of seniors.

In particular, Curana‘s CEO Mark Price shared that they believe in helping the health care workers under armour discount senior population. Health services and all align which is why they decided to partner with 1000 senior living communities. Around the country, rejuvica health reviews patients can get the treatment they need.

With over 500 communities already signed up for GrjHealth’s service of bringing quality nursing back home. It will be interesting to see what difference these services make for people.