Dieter Noise and the Mystery of the Diet Mountain Dew Lyrics


The Diet Mountain Dew Lyrics legend has been around for ages, but you may have never heard of it before. This legend comes from the old days of the Internet, and one person, in particular, took it upon himself to track down the truth about this mystery once and for all. The rest, as they say, is history. Join me in finding out the true story behind Dieter Noise and the Mystery of the Diet Mountain Dew Lyrics!

Dieters drink their pop in a tall glass

Dieters drink their pop in a tall glass, she crooned on her hit Girl So Pretty, in 1982. She always said it looked prettier. But why? I can think of several reasons: that frosty surface smooths over rough carbonation; you see how much you’ve downed more quickly; you won’t need to go to the bathroom so soon after a long day at work.

And perhaps most important, a drinking-height surface makes it hard for friends at other tables or passersby outside to read your message without leaning in close—and they may hesitate before doing so if they see you waving a can with Shake Weight emblazoned across it.

Dieters want you to know they’re not like other people

Lana Del Rey’s Video Games is at first glance a pleasant enough song about being in love. But it contains a single line, buried beneath nostalgic lyrics that become jarringly clear once you know why: I’ve been waiting for someone to eat all my pain away. It’s not just what she says but how she says it. Then again, dieters also know they’re not like other people.

 At first, only dieters will get it. It’s all about context: Video Games is on Lana Del Rey’s album Born to Die. This song is on a diet music playlist.

Del Rey says eat my pain away. Space and time that’s got to be a reference to diet Mtn Dew, doesn’t it? And if it was just one time she said it, maybe you’d think she had some sort of food craving.

Dieters love their fake sugar

A dieter noise lyric (or dietitian noise) is a catchphrase or nonsense statement frequently used by fans of electronic dance music. It originated in early 2010 during an episode of Dance Music TV’s show Club Life when it was used to describe a popular U.K. club track, Gonna Listen, by British house artist Mike Daly and his project The Daly Projects.

 The origin of diet-related wordplay began with DJ Blame’s 2006 single Gonna Be Alright. The term was then popularized by Scottish DJ and music producer Calvin Harris when he used it in his 2007 track The Girls, which appeared on his second studio album, Ready for the Weekend.

It has since been used in a number of songs, including Katy Perry’s California Gurls (featuring Snoop Dogg), Deadmau5’s Hello Kitty, Hardwell’s Spaceman, and David Guetta’s Turn Me On (featuring Nicki Minaj).


Dieters are often found listening to diet mountain dew lyrics while following a diet plan or drinking diet mountain dew. The New York Times described them as catchy little numbers that are more than just annoying earworms. Critics have described them as grating or the musical equivalent of nails on a chalkboard.

Dieters are lying

Listen to Dieter Noises, hear the truth from dieters. The diet mountain dew lyrics are a catchy song that depicts reality for dieters. Everyone loves to listen to it as they wait for their meals at restaurants or when a group of friends decides on where to go eat.

It is a favorite song for anyone wanting something different but knowing that sometimes eating in front of others can be humiliating. Once you’ve been through dieting once, you’ll have some special songs yourself! The effects that dieting has on your mind can be just as important as your weight loss results. They say we become what we think about; don’t let yourself sit around with negative thoughts, act on them – kick those unwanted pounds right out!

Dieters eat five times a day at least!

If your diet requires you to eat five times a day, find a way to do it without fail. As hard as it may be to get out of your bed at 4 a.m., or go food shopping on Saturdays, know that you’ll feel so much better if you do it consistently. Waiting up all night for your next meal is not healthy, nor is skipping meals altogether. You need fuel in order to function properly throughout your day.

What does it all mean?

There’s something strange about those Diet Mt. Dew lyrics on Diet Mt. Dew bottles: Can’t help thinking we got it all wrong/Trading our drinks for a diet plan.

Why would some marketing team spend so much time coming up with a drink that sounds like it’s encouraging us to be fat, then slap their company logo on something that encourages us to keep walking even though we clearly have an issue with body image? What kind of message are they trying to send?

An entirely different interpretation, however, began making its way around forums and comment sections after an insightful Facebook user saw a connection between these lyrics with classic works of literature.

An entire story unfolds if you begin connecting the words in each line: Let’s go drink Diet Mt. Dew, reads one lyric on a diet soda bottle.

We’ll be in love, says another can. Are we drinking out of love? Are we trying to reach our loved ones by dieting?