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Who am I

Founded by Freckle, the company has grown rapidly by altering the health & fitness landscape with its instantaneous content delivery! Gengofreckle the top-notch content is being curated by a smart and savvy editorial team.

Running passionately for the sheer love of fitness & health. Gengofreckle has converged the latest health and fitness. Trending content to bring to readers and celebs the wholesome world of experience in just one click!

More About The Blog

I started gengofreckle.com in March 2022 to keep a log (online journal) of my family’s health. The ones which I developed back then along with fitness I was trained in.

It was on the insistence of my own passion that I started maintaining this online journal. Of course, I had no idea back then that my blog would grow so much. Become the world’s most popular health and fitness content.

Initially, our brand name was “Sunrise Freckle” which we later changed in March 2022 to “Gengo Freckle“. The brand change was made to broaden our vision of sharing health & fitness-related blogs from all over the world.

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